Provincial Violence Prevention Curriculum Refresh

The refreshed Provincial Violence Prevention Curriculum (PVPC) will update mandatory training for people working in healthcare to reflect current work environments, using cultural safety and humility, diversity, trauma-informed practice, and other best practices. This program is designed to help people prevent violent incidents in the workplace, and to protect themselves and others from workplace violence. More than 300,000 people working in healthcare will benefit from this initiative.
Funding for this initiative was provided by the Ministry of Health.

What We Learned
We heard from nearly 1,300 people who work in healthcare in B.C. about violence prevention training and how to strengthen the program.

What’s Improving

Violence prevention training program for health authority staff, offered primarily virtually, during pandemic.
One provincewide program available to everyone working in healthcare with different delivery methods (online and in person) and tailored to specific jobs and workplaces.
Some people working in healthcare do not have easy access to health authority or SafeCare BC’s violence prevention training.
Equal access to violence prevention training for everyone working in healthcare where required.
Content last updated in 2016.
SWITCH BC will develop and maintain current best practices, including trauma-informed practice and cultural humility, throughout the training. And build a sustainable process for ongoing curriculum updates.


We are collaborating with the Ministry of Health, along with representatives from health authorities, health employers, health unions, physicians, WorkSafeBC, SafeCare BC, and other experts in the B.C. healthcare system. Funding for this initiative was provided by the Ministry of Health.

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