Strategies and Goals

Objective 1

Promote and support safe workplaces across the health system and support members to achieve a culture of safety where there will be no harm to staff.

  • We believe there are already great injury prevention and safety promotion practices in B.C.
  • We believe health system improvements should be aligned with a provincial approach to health and safety.
  • We believe people who do the work are best suited to help create solutions.
  • We believe reporting should be easy to perform, accessible for all and allow for transparent follow-up.

Objective 2

Develop and implement a provincial system which allows for equitable access to business intelligence and uses data to drive action, improvement, innovation and change.

  • We believe measurement and evaluation can drive best practice improvements.
  • We believe equitable access to reliable data is essential to drive health system improvements.
  • We believe accountability for system change must be supported with meaningful data to show when changes are effective.


Our Goals

Promote a provincial safety management system in healthcare by developing an OHS provincial framework aligned with Health Safety Management System (HSMS) Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standard.

Support development of provincial programs, promote best practices, and enhance prevention programs with the goal of improving workplace health and safety and eliminating injuries.

Promote mental health and wellbeing of health care teams through the development of a provincial framework for mental health and psychological safety aligned with CSA Psychological Safety standard.
Provide system-wide occupational health and safety (OHS) leadership and engagement to accelerate innovation and improvements and enhance a strong culture of safety for healthcare.

Establish an integrated and transparent provincial business intelligence system.

Build and sustain joint occupational health and safety committee (JOHSC) Resource Centre.