Community Physician Health and Safety Program

The new provincewide Community Physician Health and Safety program will help support and enhance workplace health and safety for all physicians who work in the community along with their support staff. The program will provide tools and resources for community physicians to enhance the health and safety of their workplace, this includes psychological and physical health and safety, violence prevention, injury prevention, and more. It will also help ensure physicians can easily meet standards and requirements. This work is negotiated by Doctors of BC as part of the 2022 Physician Master Agreement.

Community Physician Health and Safety Guide

What's Improving

Physicians are required to search through multiple sources and interpret legislation and requirements unique to their practice.
Community physician-specific resources and tools providing one source of truth in an easily digestible way.
Lack of awareness, difficult to navigate health and safety responsibilities for community physicians in their various roles throughout the sector.
Responsibilities defined for community physicians when it comes to health and safety in an employer role versus supervisor role.
No system-wide program which supports community physicians in improving workplace health and safety.
A provincial health and safety program informed by and for community physicians and their support staff.

Project Partners

We are collaborating with key partners on this initiative including the Ministry of Health, Doctors of BC, community physicians, and staff. Funding for this initiative was provided by the Physician Master Agreement negotiated by Doctors of BC and the Ministry of Health.

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