Psychological Health and Safety Management System (PHSMS)

A provincial Psychological Health and Safety Management System (PHSMS) will provide tools and resources to improve psychological health and safety in the workplace. It will include a new framework for implementing the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace (the Standard) that promotes psychological wellbeing and actively prevents harm to worker mental health. More than 300,000 people working in healthcare will benefit from this initiative.

What's Improving

Healthcare worksites around the province are at different phases of implementing the Standard, creating inconsistent environments and experiences for health care teams.
A provincial framework, with accompanying tools and resources, will support implementation of the Standard and help create consistent environments in healthcare workplaces.
Access to worker psychological safety and mental wellbeing programs and initiatives varies greatly across the health sector.
System-wide review, education, and best practice activities will reduce redundancies, fill gaps, and create equitable and consistent access to mental wellbeing support and services.
No provincially coordinated and focused data gathering and evaluation of workplace mental wellbeing and psychological safety of people working in the health sector.
A standard and coordinated approach to measurement and evaluation supports strategic and evidence-informed action planning and continuous improvement cycles, working to tangibly improve worker wellbeing and reducing injury and illness rates.


We are collaborating with the Ministry of Health and Board Partners (employers, unions, and physicians) on defining the scope of this work.

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