It’s time to make the switch to caring for the people who care for us.

Everyone working in healthcare has the right to be safe, healthy and thrive on the job and return home safely to family and friends.

All major sectors in BC have established associations, alliances, or partnerships to focus on an industry-specific perspectives and to develop and introduce industry-wide health and safety services and products.

Now healthcare does too – SWITCH BC which stands for Safety, Wellbeing, Innovation, Training and Collaboration in Healthcare.

SWITCH BC was created to take a collaborative, province-wide approach to health and safety management, psychological safety, and wellbeing programs. We will connect with stakeholders to identify best practices and any systemic gaps or inconsistencies to ensure everyone in every healthcare workplace is supported and their health and safety issues are heard and addressed.

Unions, physicians, and employers have jointly committed to promoting health and wellbeing, violence prevention and injury prevention, both physical and psychological, as well as reducing the risk of the exposures that lead to occupational diseases in workplaces.

SWITCH BC will work with healthcare stakeholders to collect and share data to identify and measure opportunities for systemic improvements.

SWITCH BC has established a Technical Advisory Committee comprised of union, physician, and employer representatives to advise and support systemic initiatives.

SWITCH BC is an independent, not-for-profit organization. Directors on our Board are nominated by health authorities, the BC Nurses’ Union, BC General Employees’ Union, Hospital Employees’ Union, Health Sciences Professional Bargaining Association, Doctors of BC, Resident Doctors of BC, affiliate care providers, Ambulance Dispatch and Ambulance Paramedics Bargaining Association of BC, WorkSafeBC, and the Ministry of Health. The Chair is appointed by the Minister of Health.