Health and Safety for Physicians

Whether you are running a business/clinic in a community or working in a hospital, you have rights and responsibilities under the Workers Compensation Act and regulations you must follow. Your rights and responsibilities will depend on your role in the organization.

SWITCH BC is partnering with Doctors of BC to support physicians with the development of tools and resources tailored to physician needs.

Are you considered a worker or employer?

  • Determine if you are covered and considered a worker for any portion of your work that is salaried (i.e., you receive a T4). For this portion of work, you are not allowed to register as an employer;
  • For incorporated physicians, you must register as an employer, and then you are considered a worker of your incorporation;
  • For those considered independent operators, you are not covered unless you purchase personal optional protection (POP).


For incorporated physicians, running a private business, here are your health and safety basics:

Employers with fewer than 20 workers: Informal health and safety program – monthly Health & Safety meetings, worker representative required.

Employers with 20-50 workers: Formal health and safety program – Joint Health and Safety Committee required.

For both:

  • Provide an orientation and training to new and young workers. This includes any locum physicians working at your clinic.
  • Develop a bullying/harassment policy, procedure, training.
  • Discuss any hazards related to the job and work tasks.
  • Maintain records of meetings and matters discussed.