Province announces $155.7 million to recruit, retain, and train allied health workers

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The Ministry of Health is announcing new initiatives aimed at tackling recruitment and retention issues in the health sector and at expanding health services to rural or remote communities.

To support the implementation of B.C.’s Health Human Resources Strategy and the Allied Health Strategic Plan, the province is investing up to $155.7 million in programs that will retain and recruit allied health and clinical support staff.

Also, effective April 1, 2024, the Provincial Rural Retention Incentive for health care workers living and working in rural and remote communities was expanded. All occupations working in eligible communities will receive the incentive, totalling up to $8,000 per year per person.

Lynn Bueckert, interim secretary-business manager, Hospital Employee’s Union, and SWITCH BC Board Director supports the announcement:

“We applaud the Ministry of Health’s expanding efforts to support public healthcare services through the new measures announced today. These additional tools, along with the government’s recent expansion of the provincial rural-retention incentives program to attract and retain workers from across the healthcare team and the healthcare access program that has brought 7,000 more care aides into the system, will continue to have a positive impact on the working and caring conditions in B.C.’s hospitals and long-term care homes.”

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