SWITCH BC at Quality Forum


SWITCH BC was proud to be active participant at the BC Patient Safety Quality Council (BCPSQC) Quality Forum in June 2022.

It was the 11th annual Quality Forum bringing together health care leaders, health care providers, patients, advocates, and other stakeholders. For SWITCH BC it was a terrific opportunity to share our strategies and goals and raise awareness of our organization.

SWITCH BC was involved in two forum discussions: a Board and executive session and a joint presentation with BCPSQC on Coming Together to support the people and the system after two years of intense pressure in healthcare.

At the Board session, we shared an impactful video featuring health care teams discussing how their mental wellbeing has been affected by the pandemic, the heat dome, wildfires, and the public response (both positive and negative) since the first case of COVID-19 in March 2020.

In the Coming Together session, our CEO Victoria Schmid shared her vision for healthcare workplaces where staff and medical staff feel (re)connected to their work, the best kind of work – people helping people work. Where people feel safe, supported and able to do the compassionate, high-quality work that attracted them to healthcare professions in the first place.

We also sponsored a booth that was centred around a doodle board with our acronym spelled out and visitors were asked to share what safety, wellbeing, innovation, training, collaboration, and healthcare meant to them. Over the two-day event we met with hundreds of participants. Here’s some of what we heard:

  • Safety: culturally safe, train, empower, protect, listen to all voices
  • Wellbeing: work/life balance, boundaries, Indigenous elders embedded in all organizations and positions
  • Innovation: creativity, sustainability, using APPS to collect incident reporting, outside the box
  • Training: opportunities, constant/continuous, quality improvement, compassionate leadership training
  • Collaboration: engage frontline staff in decisions, teamwork, partnerships, support
  • Healthcare: equity, access to consistent and high quality culturally safe care, caring for others

Watch Doodle Board, SWITCHed on session with the CEO to learn more about our engagement and takeaways from Quality Forum.

Pictured, Left to right: Vanessa Beja, Ainsley Young, Carissa Zargar, Tigran Bajgoric, Teresa Suranyi & Meribeth Burton