Diving Deeper: OHS Supports for Physicians


SWITCH BC partnered with Doctors of BC to host an interactive session with physicians and leaders to discuss ways to improve workplace health and safety.

Dr. Wendy Dean shared her research on moral injury and participants discussed ways to help people in healthcare move out of injury and into healthier ways of being in their specific workplaces and provincewide. From establishing strong relationships between leaders and physicians, to having opportunities for frontline staff to give direct input to improve health and safety systems, the themes of connect and collaboration were considered foundational to reducing moral injury. Watch a related webinar on moral injury from Dr. Dean here.

During the Diving Deeper: OHS Supports for Physicians event, group work focused on physical and psychological safety, on violence prevention, and on where to begin enhancing a culture of safety in healthcare. Graphic facilitator Sam Bradd shared the groups’ practical solutions such as creating a charter of behaviour for patients and clients, to transparent data to improve safety, and peer support following traumatic events. The physicians and leaders want meaningful change, to be listened to when raising concerns, and to see healthcare following the lead of others sector who have made substantial improvements in occupational health and safety through advocacy and ground-up contributions.

We would like to thank Doctors of BC, Dr. Dean, Sam Bradd, and everyone who attended for their leadership, their desire to make the system better for everyone, and their excellent ideas to move together to improve workplace health and safety.

See collaborative OHS physician discussions through the graphic illustrations below: